Mandy & Jasmine

Jasmine’s story
What does Jasmine do for me that I don’t ask for?

  1. Jasmine doesn’t JUDGE me… like people do. She loves me unconditionally… for me, for who I am.
  2. Jasmine gives me confidence in public — she keeps me safe. Periodically looking up at me with that incredible “smile” … to say it’s okay.
  3. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I will feel something moderately leaning up against me. I snap out of being mentally in a difficult place and look down… and she’s there!! If we make eye contact she will gently put her paw on my knee. I smile, we instantly connect and I give her a huge cuddle.
  4. Jasmine knows when I’m having nightmares. She will lick a part of my body with the rough section of her tongue, over and over in a rhythmic manner. This calms me. I put my arm across her and go back to sleep.
  5. Jasmine reads my “feeling state”, she knows what I need. She is a mindDog.