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To continue expanding our organisation and continue helping those in need, we need your help! Please donate today.


ACNC Registered Charity Organisation

ATO Deductible Gift Recipient

ATO Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)

We survive on donations to continue to function as an organisation. One of the biggest thing you can do is donate, share our social media sites and spread the word! If you would like to donate, please use the general donations form above or select the campaign below that you would like to support. For every 1 mindDog and 1 client that is accredited and serviced within our organisation, only 1/3 of the costs are recuperated, which means that we sometimes cannot meet the deman of our clients, or we cannot reach the heights that we expected. Every donation made goes towards helping people in need to register a mindDog and get them accredited, so that person is empowered to start living their life again.
If you have any questions prior to donating, please email us at


Kilometres Travelled

GOAL : 6000 $

RAISED : 538 $

mindDog needs your help to continue to travel to new places. To expand our organisation and help the people in desperate need of our services, we need to send our trainers and assessors to people to register more mindDogs.

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mindDogs Registered

GOAL : 8000 $

RAISED : 480 $

The main object that our organisation revolves around is dogs, mindDogs. In order for a mindDog to become fully registered, our trainers need to train the dog until the point that it is ready to sit the Public Access Test.

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General Donations

GOAL : 35000 $

RAISED : 12152 $

There are many other aspects of our organisation that require attention and funding. Here is where you can make a general donation to mindDog where we will decide where the funds are best suited.

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