Training your mindDog

mindDog recommends only positive force-free training.

At mindDog, we do not personally train your dog for you. We will however, work closely with you and support you through your training.

In depth training support and guidance is offered through the mindDog training and support group which is only available to clients of mindDog. If you are a client and wish to be added to this group, email to be added.


Should you need your dog to perform other duties such as medication reminders, danger alerts or other specific actions, please contact us.


mindDogs should have a strong bond with their partner. Many people think the best bonds are achieved with a younger dog (the benefit here being you’d have a longer working life for the dog). If you are unfamiliar with training dogs or are not confident of your training skills, we encourage you to work with a mindDog approved trainer in your area.

Download this info

Download this PDF

This PDF details the training standard all mindDog’s should adhere to.