After much consideration and sadness, I have decided to retire Molly as a mindDog. She has served me for 6 very long years and has been a blessing in disguise and my guardian angel. She has guided me through life and been with me in all the ups and downs, but she has also been through some very stressful situations.

These past few months she has shown me that she no longer wants to work. She started to become anxious in public settings and wasn’t listening to me very well anymore. She’s perfect at home and her obedience and skills have flourished, so I think the public settings were upsetting her. I’ve spent most of my life in hospital and she has seen me very distressed many times and I think it has taken a toll on her emotionally and physically.

I would never compromise Molly’s mental health for the sake of mine, so I listened to what she was telling me and decided to just let her be a dog. She will be 7 in June, so I think it’s a good age to retire. Molly passed her first Pat test at 10 months old and I will always be extremely proud of her for that. She has helped me so much in life and I can say that I’m much more confident now and my anxiety levels are much more manageable these days.

Thank you to you and everyone at mindDog for all the support, training and understanding over the last 6 years. It’s been a blast and I’m forever grateful to you guys for helping me change my life. I’m a much better person now because of having Molly.