mindDog will only work with positive force free training. mindDog do not train dogs and then provide them for our clients.

The most important mindDog trainer is you. Without sleeping with your dog and training your dog, the pair of you will not develop the bond that is the basis of all mindDog work.

If you have never trained a dog before or are unsure of your training skills, don’t worry. We won’t throw you in the deep end by yourself.

Where possible you will be matched with a mindDog trainer in an area close to you. If you live in a remote or isolated area, we may ask you to travel. mindDog does not pay the cost of training. This is something that is worked out between you and the trainer.

After all, your dog may not need much work. Or both of you may need a great deal. And different trainers have different costs and charge different fees.

Most of our trainers are aware that many of our clients are in straitened circumstances and will adjust their fees accordingly.

We also provide personal training support through our private Facebook forum. You will be invited to join this. It is administered by mindDog directors some of whom are also mindDog trainers. And you will have business hours access to our Head Trainer.

We also have mindDog Assessors who will visit you to make sure that you have the right dog, your training is going well and to answer any questions you may have.

Our Assessors are all Delta Certificate IV trainers who have had at least ten years of fulltime dog training, and also have professional or personal experience of mental health disorders.

They are all handpicked — you can only become a mindDog Assessor by invitation.

They are all individually trained by mindDog and must attend annual ongoing education workshops.

A mindDog Assessor will visit you before you dog receives his vest and ID card. She will also visit you around the six month mark, and at twelve months this same Assessor will put you and your dog through the Public Access Test. If everything has gone to plan, the two of you will pass with flying colours.

If there is a problem, the Assessor will stop the test and discuss the problem with you. She will provide guidance for you and your trainer to solve the problem. Then in another six months, you and your dog will get another chance to pass the test.