Sometimes you and your mindDog will be denied access to places that your are entitled to go. Here's what you can do.

Public Access Rights with your mindDog

If you are experiencing access denied issues, please contact the mindDog Access Issues Mediator (Sarah Kemp) on 0476 648 101.

This line is for access issues only. Please note that this line is only to be used when being refused access into a public place or accommodation. Please call our main line (0490 850 993) if you have any other enquiries and we will happily help you out.

The Access Issues phone is manned 7 days a week, however the hours may vary. Messages and calls are cleared daily.

For less urgent issues, please send an email to

Summary of your rights

The rights of a person with an Assistance Dog are protected under Federal Law through the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA 1992). The DDA recognises that a suitably trained Assistance Animal is a tool facilitating the functioning of a person with a disability, similar to a wheelchair. The DDA recognises both physical and psychosocial disabilities and acknowledges that an Assistance Animal can assist in either case. The DDA allows qualified Assistance Dogs to accompany their handler into all public spaces. The only exceptions to this may be spaces in which a person’s disability is being addressed by other means, or areas with stringent sterility requirements, for example:

  • Specific Clinical Settings
  • Surgically sterilised areas
  • Industrial food preparation areas (kitchens)
  • Quarantined areas