This is Tashi


She’s been my pet for four years before starting her training as a mindDog.

I have PTSD which makes it hard for me to leave the house without feeling like I’m in constant danger. Having Tashi changed everything for me. Having her around, concentrating on her, having her to comfort me when I get too overwhelmed is amazing.

She notices when I’m anxious or going into a dissociative state long before I do and does everything she can to calm me down.

“She is my saviour”.

She is still 100% my spoilt puppy, at home and everywhere else when she not wearing her vest, but the moment it’s on she knows she’s working.

I have gone through years of therapy, many medications, and a few close calls.

None of them have helped the way that Tashi has.

I would have rather starved than left the house on my own to get food, and now I don’t have to go alone!